The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-6Residents of Battery Park and Brookfield Gardens struggle with ruined possessions and disrupted lives after being hit especially hard by flooding from heavy storms. For once, Shockoe Bottom got the good end of a flood.

+3With a goal of raising more than $20 million, the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg launches its annual campaign. As a special incentive, $1 million donations get you a commemorative tote bag and lunch at Perly's with Mayor Wilder .

+2Virginia gets a new Virginia Department of Transportation commissioner, snagged from a similar position in Idaho. Roads there were just so starchy.

-2A squabble erupts on the Henrico County School Board, when the chairman discusses the investigation of porn on a board member's county-issued computer, which turns out to have been downloaded by his son. His happy son.

-1Verizon decides to pull the plug on its longtime free time/weather hotlines. Great, so now we're just supposed to go back to checking our watches, cell phones, clocks, Blackberries, the Internet, television, radio, newspapers, thermometers, sundials, hourglasses, barometers, the sun, asking the guy next to us in line, looking out the window or just plain guessing. Thanks for nothing, Verizon.

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