The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist


+1It's a week of money and messages, swinging from Tax Day to Earth Day, with the Shad Planking in between. Hallmark's "Sorry about your audit" cards outsell both "Happy Earth Day, you oil-burning monster" and "Thanks for the fish on a board."

-2A petroleum pipeline ruptures in a Short Pump neighborhood, spewing jet fuel into a 25-foot geyser, the T-D reports, and creating a stinky, highly flammable mess. Civic leaders consider changing the name to Gas Pump.

+1Sheriff C.T. Woody announces yet another victory for taxpayer efficiency: The Inmate Carwash, which Woody says will save the city $58,000 a year. Way to go, Woody. Now all we can think about are buckets of suds, Daisy Dukes, handcuffs and reelecting former Sheriff Michelle Mitchell.

+1Purty boy's gone, and Elliott Yamin is staying, getting out of the bottom three and into the top six. Which raises the question: Where on Monument would his statue go?

-2At the General Assembly, WRVA reports, Delegate Dwight Jones says Richmond's "not Dodge City" and scolds Delegate Clay Athey for saying that he carries a gun while staying "in one of the unsafe areas of Richmond." Delegates Earp and Holliday call a press conference at high noon to support Athey.

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