The Score


+3Wearing a Mavericks jersey, Richmond's Elliott Yamin — a big basketball fan — belts out the National Anthem at an NBA Finals game between Dallas and Miami. Somewhere in the world, Paula Abdul cries.

-4The white foam that's been floating on the James — initially hypothesized as natural by the DEQ, the T-D reports — is now deemed the result of unnaturally high levels of phosphorus, the stuff they use in explosives. Maybe the ducks hate freedom.

+2Opening the door to cable-TV competition, Henrico County permits Verizon to start offering video service to residents. So that's two companies we can complain to about our crappy picture quality.

+2Voters pick Republican-turned-Democrat James Webb to take on Republican Sen. George Allen for what is sure to be a much-hyped senate race in November. It's so hot that voter turnout is expected to reach upwards of 8 percent!

+3Thousands turn out at Tredegar Iron Works to see the gravity-defying, extreme stunts in BMX, skateboard and inline skating competitions at the Action Sports World Tour. Maymont takes a hint and prepares for extreme bear-watching. S

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