The Score

A weekly rating of the city's zeitgeist.


+6Richmonders bring in 2007 with a masquerade gala, a Carbon Leaf show and a first-time Carytown countdown that draws a crowd of thousands. In short, we had a night of people disguising, rockers reprising and a big ball rising.

+2Mayor Wilder's place in history as the country's first elected African-American governor becomes news again as he celebrates with the second, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts. During Patrick's inauguration in Boston, Wilder hands out "I'm #1" buttons.

0Former Navy secretary Jim Webb, the man who successfully torpedoed Sen. George Allen's campaign, is sworn into office in the nation's capital. First line of business: removing his predecessor's spittoon from the office.

-3City Councilman Marty Jewell declines to vote for the council president, saying it's not a protest vote, but rather an "exclamation point to denote a call for urgency in addressing the big issues" of Richmond. You know, like low voter turnout.

-1Just when you thought there wasn't enough gambling to do on Sundays, the Virginia Lottery announces it will add Sunday numbers-picking to its lineup of games. W#WJP?

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