The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


0Henrico County Public School's laptop computer initiative counts riots and porn investigations among memorable moments, but according to a two-year independent study there's still no direct correlation between laptops and student achievement.

-1The city wins a legal battle with Richmond Marriott owner James A. Procaccianti, who claimed he needn't pay a special property assessment because promised sidewalks weren't completed. Thankfully, Mayor Doug Wilder protects taxpayers from the only businessman to actually plop his own millions into East Broad Street.

-2Dress-code infractions are taken seriously at Richbrau, as evidenced by their turning away of turban-clad Hansdip Singh Bindra, a practicing Sihk who fancied a pint of barley soda while visiting family here. Does the Richmond brewpub's "no headgear" policy include headgear of the orthodontic variety?

0Richmond-based Philip Morris dodges another bullet after a Supreme Court decision overrules a $10.1 billion judgment that found its light cigarette advertising campaign misled customers. C'mon, everyone knows "light" means less filling.

0We get to keep Police Chief Rodney Monroe, suddenly a hot commodity in the police chief market, after reports break that Washington, D.C., was considering hiring Monroe as its police chief — but then didn't. D.C. decides against low morale, minimal decreases in the homicide rate and a penchant for mayoral butt-kissing. S

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