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A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist


+1After penning lyrics to "Seize The Mac 'n Cheese," Midlothian 7-year-old Danny McLaughlin becomes one of Kraft's "Cheesiest Kids in America" and gets his face on 30 million boxes of mac and cheese. But what child's face will appear on packets of Philip Morris's new Taboka?

+1Fightin' Joe Morrissey is back in town after a judge in Sydney, Australia, denies his law application. His next mission: hunting the killer alligators in Florida.

+3Graduation season sweeps across local campuses — including Virginia Union, J. Sargeant Reynolds, John Tyler and the University of Richmond. Welcome to the real world, suckers.

+5And, oh yeah, Elliott Yamin visits Richmond. The Braves glumly realize that to fill a stadium, they need a) an "Idol" finalist, b) fireworks, or c) free beer.

0Elliott Yamin's interview with Fox's Curt Autry, airing on NBC 12, earns the station an 18 share in the ratings for the quarter-hour, more than three times as high as rivals Channel 6 (5.9) and Channel 8 (5). Or, about double the president's approval rating.

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