The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1On the city-rankings beat: Richmond drops from No. 5 to No. 15 on a dangerous-cities report from Morgan Quitno Press. We did, however, rise from 35 to 14 on the listing of corns-dog-per-capita.

+5Tuesday is Election Day in Richmond. But since we go to press Monday, about the only thing we can predict about the outcome is that voting just wasn't as exciting without the "Yamin Factor."

+2Oh, there's one more thing we can predict: We'll all have a lot more time on our hands without robo-calls during dinner and trashy commercials avoiding the issues. But we can only hope that George Allen becomes a recurring character on "SNL."

-2Richmond's tacky-lawn lovers are crushed to learn about the closure of Union Products, which makes pink flamingos. To restore the balance of kitsch in the universe, we implore all Richmond artists to drop their brushes and start painting velvet Elvises.

-3With winter looming, city residents are warned to expect an increase in natural gas prices this winter. On the plus side, it will be much cheaper to keep your fridge cold.

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