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Democrats file a complaint with the Project on Campaign Conduct, citing a negative ad by Congressman Eric Cantor against his opponent, Ben "Cooter" Jones. Where's the calm, wise mediator Uncle Jesse when you need him?

score: -1

The Virginia State Bar says it wants to revoke the license of suspended attorney Joseph D. Morrissey. On the upside, the bar intends to induct him into the "Hall of Attorneys Everybody's Tired of Hearing About."

score: +1

Richmond company iPaper signs an exclusive contract with a national manufacturer that plans to market the company's electronic voting machines. A special feature available in the Florida market will have the machines do the voting for you.

score: +1

Richmond celebrates Halloween. But trick-or-treaters all seem to look alike: a big bundle of layers, thick gloves and little blue lips.

score: +1

this week's score: +4

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