The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-2Mayor Wilder asks the regional authority that owns the baseball stadium for the deed to The Diamond, the T-D reports, but then is said to have backed off the demand. He meant to ask for the secret decoder ring that will help him locate his sanity.

-3State lawmakers continue to banter about whether Virginia should "atone," show "contrition" or "express profound regret" over slavery. Meanwhile, there are still Virginians who can't afford "food," "health insurance" or "good schools."

+1Flavor Flav hits town with his oversized clock and high-energy outbursts as host of Virginia Commonwealth University's homecoming weekend talent show. Message to college students: Drugs, arrests and multiple divorces can take you places!

-2Cameras are snapping away at toll lanes on Powhite Parkway, taking pictures of people who go through without paying and triggering a ticket by mail. People not wearing pants, on the other hand, get spankings. Drive-thru spankings.

+4The liquidation's over and the venerable Schwarzschild Jewelers is back in business, saved from bankruptcy by new owners Schiffman's Jewelers. Coming soon: the Marriage of Convenience Sale. Remind your old lady why she sticks around! S

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