The Score


+2 Thousands of Virginia Republicans gather in Richmond for their party's convention, nominating Bob McDonnell as their gubernatorial pick and lining up to hear Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity. And you should have seen the after party! Some College Republicans drank so much they loosened their ties. 

-5 After repeatedly publishing stories that a Richmond baseball-team deal is imminent, the Times-Dispatch reveals that no, actually it's not anywhere close to happening, and, indeed, is off. The good news is that T-D reporter John O'Connor is tapped to host NBC's new game show: “Deal, Deal, Deal, Deal, or Uh, No Deal.” 

+4 Two brothers — one sentenced for life, another for 40 years, the T-D reports — are headed to prison for participating in a Richmond drug ring that distributed an estimated 330 pounds of crack. A few more pounds would have secured them a shelf at Costco.

-3 Speaking of drugs, Mechanicsville doctor Torino Jennings faces federal charges related to allegations that he wrote 50,000 to 100,000 prescriptions for Internet patients he hadn't met. The Nigerians were especially in need, and certainly had the dough! And that Mandy LiXX421 who kept e-mailing sure seemed to have a serious fever.

+ 3 James River High School student Quinn Moorer becomes National Cheerleader of the Year, winning among other things a $3,000 scholarship at the National Cheer Conference, CheerCon. If we could just bottle all that youthful energy, pep and vitality — oh wait, that's what Starbucks did. 

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