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Because of a copyright conflict, Richmond's "The Big Gig" changes its name to "Summer City Fest." But Internet users will still be able to download illegal copies of "The Big Gig" off Kazaa.

score: -1

Richmond lawyer Robert J. Grey Jr. seems likely to become president of the American Bar Association in 2004. Not only is he unopposed, he's pledged to crack down on America's needless dependence on lawyer jokes.

score: +2

Archaeologists on Jamestown Island discover the remains of a colonist they believe is Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold. If only he could have seen how far America has progressed — but alas, he'll never know about ABC's "Are You Hot? The Search for America's Sexiest People."

score: +1

It's that time of year, and Richmonders share valentines with each other. In local stores, boxes of chocolate sell as fast as rolls of duct tape.

score: +4

this week's score: +6

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