The Score


-4Upset at the lack of balanced news coverage he's been getting, Mayor L. Douglas Wilder launches a Web site,, where he gives it to the people straight, which is sometimes hard and causes bruises … and makes us walk bowlegged.

-6Richmond is on the verge of losing Police Chief Rodney Monroe to Charlotte, N.C., which has a nasty habit of ripping off Richmond. It's a low point for many reasons, including the first time Wilder has ever dropped to his knees (to beg, of course).

-2The Times-Dispatch renews its commitment to readers by focusing on "Fun & Games" and reassigning reporters such as longtime state capitol beat writer Jeff Schapiro, whose coverage of Arts in the Park (headline: "Need some art?") is stellar.

+1Clint Bowyer wins the Crown Royal Presents the Dan Lowry 400, which is a NASCAR race, we think, if the fleet of military helicopters and airplanes with banners is any indication. But the question remains: What NASCAR fan drinks Crown Royal?

0Mark Warner kicks off his Senate campaign by zipping around the state in a private jet. His carbon footprint is lessened, he says, because his jet runs on the "hopes and dreams of every good Virginian."

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