The Score


+3Mark Warner's passing on the governor's mansion for the U.S. Senate in 2008. George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Bob McDonnell play a game of catch to determine who gets to be the next governor. McDonnell quickly gets tagged "macaca in the middle."

+5The Richmond Braves win the Governor's Cup before 4,500 at The Diamond. This quickly jumps to No. 2 on Mayor Doug Wilder's list of accomplishments since taking office. No. 1: Build a smaller arts center at a higher cost to taxpayers.

0In the debate over funding the performing arts center, City Council President Bill Pantele becomes flustered and compares Richmond to Bosnia. Their current constitutional crisis over highway construction, however, has a bit more substance.

-2A battle breaks out over which Confederate flag is more "historically accurate" to include in a display of artifacts from the Old House Chamber. Among the artifacts: Delegate Frank Hargrove, R-Hanover.

+1Mayor Wilder is still steaming mad at city contractors for making "sex calls" or "sexy calls" on the city's dime, using numbers culled from the classified section of Style. It's not us, Doug, really. Larry Wilder inserted those pages at the plant.

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