The Score


-5 A March snowstorm wreaks havoc on roads and knocks out power, but proves a boon to local TV personalities, including NBC 12's Terrell Brown, who demonstrates how to make a snow angel during the morning newscast. What's more impressive than that? CBS 6's Julie Bragg spelling her name in the snow. 

+2 Speaking of NBC 12, it unveils nine inaugural awards from the Richmond City Health District for restaurants committed to protecting the public's health, including the South Side strip club Pure Pleasure. No wait, that's a typo — they won for protecting the pubic health. 

+8 The grand opening of the 17-auditorium Movieland, Richmond's first multiplex in more than 30 years, features a showing of “The Jonas Brothers 3-D.” A local man who accidentally saw the movie is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, mumbling, “The hairless man-boys and sugary pop tunes are coming right at me!” 

-4 Facing tough times, the owner of the Richmond Renegades ice-hockey team makes a public plea to save the franchise, imploring fans to pack the Coliseum on March 13, 15 and 21, and attend a special “Save Our Gades Rally” March 5. If he really wants to pack the Coliseum, just tell everyone you're showing “The Jonas Brothers 3-D.” 

-6 State legislators adjourn the General Assembly session until April, having done little of note in the last two months besides passing a ban on texting while driving and a watered-down prohibition on smoking in restaurants. Saving us from ourselves never got so lame. 

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