The Score


+5 The two candidates for governor, Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell, clash in their first debate. The only interruption is the stifled sound of sobbing from a man in the back wearing a dark hoodie and the nametag Merry TcAuliffe. 

-1 Speaking of the governor's race, former mayor L. Douglas Wilder takes his games to the White House level, reports, playing coy on whether he'll endorse either candidate despite an overture from President Obama. He has, however, confirmed his longtime love of mirrors. 

+2 The Richmond Tea Party throws a festival called Liberty 101 in Chesterfield, drawing people who are against universal health care, cap-and-trade legislation and the federal bailout. Several confused toddlers wearing their mommies' big hats and boas are turned away. 

+3 Nonprofit leaders and social-media fanatics flock to Gradon Tripp during his visit to Richmond, discussing his view of how tools such as Facebook and Twitter can be used for charity. First on the agenda: getting people to pay you to not to tweet them. 

-1 The Williamsburg-area theme park Busch Gardens announces that it's closing the 25-year-old Big Bad Wolf roller coaster. Chiropractors who specialize in whiplash will hold a memorial next Wednesday. 

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