The Score


-5 With Virginia facing financial hardship, Gov. Tim Kaine announces more state layoffs — 600 of them — to save $170 million. We say: Take the savings across the hall, buy 170 million lottery tickets, and voila! Problem solved. Plus, it helps schools! 

+6 Richmond CenterStage celebrates its opening with a well-received show featuring local performing arts groups. Our only critique: Sub Tim and Daphne Reid with Gene Cox and Sabrina Squire, having them reprise their Emmy-acceptance rap song. Throw in some hydraulics, pyrotechnics and ballet dancers and you have a piA"ce de rAcsistance!
0 Local gay-rights leaders, when they're not partying with Kevin Clay at New York Deli, publicly condemn the scheduled concert at the National of singer Buju Banton, criticizing some of his lyrics as homophobic. (In other news, is it coincidence that a Mr. Johnson has been crowned Mr. Gay Pride Virginia?) 

0 Media make much ado about guv candidate Bob McDonnell flubbing the word “funding” in a radio interview with radio station WTOP, and saying a much different f-word instead. Don't Republicans consider “funding” an obscene word anyway? 

-3 Virginia Department of Health inspections at 252 area school cafeterias turn up 120 with no critical violations, the T-D reports. As for the other 132 schools, let's just say that mystery meat that tastes like a hair net just might be the real thing. 

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