The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1 The Richmond Volleyball Club announces that it will send members to China to compete at the Huntsman World Senior Games. Volleyball for old people? That's what nudist colonies are for! 

+2 Recuperating from his Mattress King chain collapse amid bankruptcy, the T-D reports, Neil Gulati plans his next big venture: the Mattress Club. Thankfully there's still a gaping void in the market for our patent-pending “Kindergarten Nap Mat Super Discount Depot.” 

+6 Virginia Commonwealth University lands the largest federal award in its history — a $20 million grant — from the National Institutes of Health. Some of that's earmarked for research into what that little hangy-down thing in the back of your throat is for.

-3 GRTC Transit System prepares customers for its first rate increase in 17 years, which starts Aug. 1. But at least we got all that money for a really fast train. 

+7 It finally rains. And the streets flood with rivers of milky white hope, the formerly dehydrated patches of will and sun-dried angels reconstituting into a pearl-colored sign of hope that allows us to once again wake up and breathe in the misty cool life forces that allow us to reclaim another day in a semihealthy and happy midsized city.

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