The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-1 A University of Richmond freshman is one of three students arrested in connection with a bust at Georgetown University, where police say they found a dorm-room lab with chemicals capable of producing the hallucinogenic drug DMT. Kids these days are so spoiled.

+6 Artists illuminate the sky, sides of buildings and other Shockoe Slip fixtures as part of 1708 Gallery's InLight Richmond. You just know how sweet that show would be on DMT. 

-5 Remember those 500 computers found sitting unused in a Richmond Public School warehouse, meant for pupils? Richmond magazine reports that several months later, half the computers are still there. Turns out school officials are working on a strategic visioning plan for how best to open the boxes. 

0 So much for privatizing the state's liquor business: Gov. McDonnell says he's no longer calling a special General Assembly session to tackle the issue, but will bring it back up next year. So much for our get-rich-quick plan to convert Nate's Taco Truck into Hooch McGee's Mobile Liquor Emporium. 

+7 Richmond prepares to celebrate Halloween. Or as kids call it, Christmas on Hanover Avenue.

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