The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+4 The city's new professional arena football team, the Richmond Raiders, prepares for its season opener at the Richmond Coliseum on March 13. Now we know how Nutzy the Flying Squirrel will fill his down time: Meet Nutzy the Towel Boy. 

-2 The New York Post reports that Richmond-born R&B star D'Angelo is arrested on charges of solicitation in the West Village, allegedly after asking an undercover policewoman for oral sex. Proving yet again that once you lose the abs, life comes crumbling down. Not that we have any personal experience with that (take note, Score fan and hottie Brittany Fulk). 

-6 Ken Cuccinelli — the man who pledged he'd be “standing guard over your individual rights” as attorney general — tells state colleges and universities that they have no authority to include sexual orientation as part of their nondiscrimination policies. We know you're trying to stay busy, Ken, but you don't have to bill by the hour anymore. 

-7 Government workers brace for more layoffs as dire predictions roll in about proposed cuts to the state budget. And that doesn't even take into consideration Gov. McDonnell's Gay State Workers Right-Sizing Initiative. 

+5 The musical about the witches in Oz, “Wicked,” gets ready for its nearly three-week run at the Landmark Theater. It's the biggest story of good vs. evil to capture Richmond's attention since the new owners of Ukrop's were discovered butchering unicorns for a special brand of meatloaf. (Though it is quite tasty. Gamey, but tasty.)

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