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+4It's Grand Illumination and tacky light season: Businesses and homeowners flip the switches on their holiday displays, featuring thousands and thousands of tiny bright bulbs. For the first time, the mayor's ego isn't the only thing visible from space.

0Sen. Allen supporters, who wrestled with liberal blogger Mike Stark while tossing him out of a campaign event, shouldn't be charged with anything, says Charlottesville's commonwealth's attorney. But they should be treated for blogger cooties.

0Employees at the city's health department find out that their director is transferring back to his old post in the Chickahominy Health District, but a new director is set to take over in two days. Sounds like a classic City Hall case of separatitis.

+1Janet Pelasara, the mother of the VCU student killed by Ben Fawley, visits Richmond to sign copies of her new book, "Love You More: The Taylor Behl Story." The biggest complaint is from CNN's Nancy Grace, who wonders why there's no chapter on her.

+1Thursday brings National Methamphetamine Awareness Day, and the attorney general boasts that meth labs in Virginia are declining because of laws that make it harder to purchase cold medicine. The only downside is getting fingerprinted to buy Sudafed.

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