The Score


+6With "Guiding Light" actress Kim Zimmer leading the way as grand marshal, the Ukrop's Christmas Parade launches the holiday season. Yet another year Susan Lucci loses her rightful spot leading in the giant Po the Teletubby balloon.

0Despite being a long shot for president, grassroots-driven candidate Ron Paul wins a straw poll at the Virginia Republicans' annual conference. And considering Ron Paul's budget, they probably really did vote with straw.

+4The University of Richmond wins against Wofford College, sending the Spiders to the NCAA Football Championship semifinals for the first time in the school's history. They'll have to pull their historic Leggy the Fightin' Spider mascot out of the mothballs.

-2From the irony department: The Virginia Employment Commission finds that it must lay off workers because of money trouble from the feds. Luckily, the Virginia Unemployment Commission is always hiring.

-1Tires spin on grease in Accomac, where 20 miles of road are covered in stinky, liquefied poultry fat leaking from a truck leaving the Purdue Farms plant. The silver lining is that the rate of colds along that stretch of highway dropped sharply as a result.

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