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-2It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder misses an event for Richmond schoolchildren, instead speaking at MLK-related events in Florida. And really, wasn't that MLK's dream? That someday, mayors would travel to warmer climates in the winter and ignore schoolchildren in his honor.

0But Wilder comes back to town to deliver his "State of the City" address, urging citizens to go to the observation deck of City Hall and gaze at all the cranes dotting the city skyline. Well, everyone except the staff of Richmond Public Schools. They can get their own observation deck.

-4A deputy at the Richmond Sheriff's office loses his job after the mistaken release of yet another inmate, an attempted-murder suspect who is subsequently found. It hasn't been this easy to break out of jail since the top hat slid off the Monopoly board.

-3Members of the General Assembly and others express their offense at remarks by Hanover Delegate Frank D. Hargrove that "black citizens should get over" slavery. Meanwhile, he invites everyone out to the county's annual "Dixie Days" celebration!

0A substitute director steps in for the Richmond Symphony's Mark Russell Smith, who must fly to Minnesota for surgery to repair a torn retina in his left eye — similar to an earlier injury to his right eye. Will someone please put a tennis ball on the end of that guy's baton?

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