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A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+6 Some 40,000 people turn out for Easter on Parade, the traditional celebration along Monument Avenue during which we put bonnets on people and pets and sit on porches to drink. You know, pretty much a version of all Richmond celebrations. 

0 President Obama announces plans to open exploration for oil and natural gas, with a thrilled Gov. McDonnell pledging to make Virginia “the energy capital of the East Coast.” But on moral grounds, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli takes a stand against any drilling for “black gold from Satan's dark underworld.” 

-2 In Virginia Beach, a woman is caught with 200-plus pounds of marijuana in her car, with authorities accusing her of dealing upwards of two tons of the stuff. In other OBX news, there's a lighter shortage. 

+1 Randolph-Macon College announces that former Gov. Tim Kaine will lecture at the school next week on Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Elected Office. Lesson No. 27: Just because you served with Sa'ad El-Amin, Shirley Harvey and Gwen Hedgepeth, you're not obligated to invite them to the Executive Mansion. 

+5 The Apple iPad arrives at the Mac store in Short Pump, and by delivery trucks at homes across the city. And we reached out in our clumsy human way, our fingers made of bone and flesh, tendons and ligaments, to touch that screen, connecting our mortal souls with circuit boards and the blood of Steve Jobs, feeling the surge of the future of our galaxy, the apps from which we draw nourishment, the oversized life force that has been forged by the sweet lovemaking of man and metal.

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