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+3The weather people say it may be one of Virginia's warmest Decembers, with the T-D reporting an average Richmond temperature so far of 47.6 degrees — nearly 7 degrees above normal. To save us from the melting iceberg on Brown's Island, Wilder uses his freezing superbreath.

-2Even Molly Ringwald isn't enough to spur ticket sales to "Sweet Charity," which has to cancel its scheduled run at the Landmark Theater. That's what she gets for picking Blane over Duckie.

+4Freedom House announces that in February it's set to open a $1.4 million, 7,500-square-foot center in the East End to feed the needy. As soon as they arrive, the building's wheels drop down and the giant bus heads for Chesterfield County.

+7Richmond heads into a festive final weekend of 2006, including a new Carytown party with a lighted, 4-foot-diameter ball ascending over the New York Deli. Next year Seacrest and Daly will be fighting over us.

+12006 ends.

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