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-5Gov. Tim Kaine warns of cutbacks, the T-D reports, projecting that a shortfall in Virginia's budget could grow to an additional $1.05 billion in the next spending cycle. Perhaps we can make up the difference by selling all those leftover 400th anniversary Jamestown action figures on eBay.

+1Speaking of the governor, in an interview on WRVA radio, presidential candidate Barack Obama says Gov. Tim Kaine is "somebody who is on my short list to have a role in my administration." Which is better than being on Hillary's short list of "governors who must be dealt with."

+1Speaking of Obama, Mayor Wilder appears on national news shows, plugging his candidate and warning that chaos may erupt at the Democratic Convention if "superdelegates" vote against the wishes of the majority. C'mon, Mayor Wilder, aren't you always voting against the wishes of the majority?

-1Speaking of fighting, a fight breaks out at the Manchester Family YMCA when uninvited guests arrive at a private party, the T-D reports, leading to the arrests of seven teenagers. One was dressed as an Indian, another as a machinist with shorts unsafe at any length. They said they just wanted to sing!

+1Speaking of parties, the owner of Shockoe Bottom strip club Club Velvet creates buzz and anxiety with the prospect of a nightclub opening in the former Julian's restaurant across from the Children's Museum of Richmond. It's prompting a new educational exhibit at the museum: "Why daddy smells like Salem Lights and is covered in glitter."

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