The Score


-3 In Richmond's continued economic collapse, S&K Menswear files for bankruptcy protection. You can't even buy one of those barrels with the shoulder straps anymore.

+2 The Organization of Chinese Americans and Richmond Chinese Network lead a celebration for the Chinese New Year — the Year of the Ox. Hopefully it'll work out better than 2008, the Year of the Plummeting Economanatee.

-2 Richmond native Jason Mraz falls short at the Grammy Awards, but still walks away with three nominations. Though feeling festive, he avoids fellow Virginian Chris Brown's after-party.

-4 In other celebration news, a private promoter's party turns sour at Toad's Place Richmond after police must be called in to break up Friday night fighting that spills out into the streets. They were announcing Chris Brown's upcoming Grammy performance the only way they knew how.

Ellwood Thompson's opens its new coffee shop, which features an $11,000 coffee machine. You can't buy an espresso, you can only lease one.

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