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+1Wakefield is host to Virginia's annual shad planking, an old-school political chow-down on smoked fish, punditry and sign wars. On the upside, the fishy smell nicely masks the politicians' usual stench of lobbyist money.

-4Virginia Union University announces that living legend Dave Robbins, its men's basketball coach of 30 years and three national titles, is stepping down. Go figure: As soon as you retire, a former city manager proposes building your team a new arena.

+3… And filling his shoes will be assistant men's basketball coach Willard Coker, who's been with the Panthers for 23 seasons. Something about VUU just keeps the good ones around a long time. Are you paying attention, UR?

-1School Board Chairman George Braxton declines to comment on why Richmond Schools' internal auditor Debora Johns -- a board appointee — is still on the job, despite two outside audits showing millions of dollars in waste and mismanagement. Oh well. At least her abacus skills have been outstanding.

+2CBS 6 announces an "anchor encore" as part of WTVR's 60th anniversary celebration, bringing anchors Charles Fishburne, Lisa LaFata and Ivan Schwartz back to the news desk Thursday, April 24, at 11 p.m. Ivan, on leave from the East Coast cryogenic anchor chamber, Zone III, will help Lisa resuscitate Charlie during commercial breaks.

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