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+6 French actors explore the city while in town for the French Film Festival. Naturally, several are drawn to Doswell, where they're spotted eating Southern croissants, buying fireworks and making love atop Kings Dominion's Eiffel Tower.

0 Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli continues to stir up the political world when he joins in a suit against the federal government, charging that its health care bill violates states' rights. Wait till he hears about the rectal thermometer provision. 

+1 A tasting preview of the World Beer Festival, coming to Richmond June 12, leaves more than one news media representative a bit tipsy on a weekday afternoon. You know, like any other weekday afternoon.

+3 A group of Richmond media, nonprofit and civic leaders convene to consider a Knight Foundation report on the information needs of communities to maintain democracy in a digital age. And no, Twitter voting booths aren't up for discussion.

-2 The T-D reports on a Chesterfield County woman who found $88 billion in her SunTrust checking account, with a bank spokesman speculating that a sticky 8 key on a computer is to blame. So much for Candied Apple Tuesdays at SunTrust.

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