The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+5 High-school graduation season gets into full swing across Richmond. It's the time of your life when friends are forever, hopes soars like an eagle, and you just don't want to drive anywhere near the Siegel Center. 

+7 More than 3,100 people attend Richmond's first World Beer Fest, turning out to taste 250-plus kinds of specialty, intricately brewed craft beer. For many what follows are special rounds of intricately brewed, high-quality, small-batch vomit. 

+1 The Times-Dispatch publishes its annual salary survey of local government officials. And if crime doesn't pay, then bureaucracy does. 

+2 With a party at New York Deli featuring guys in their underwear handing out cupcakes, celebrates its one-year anniversary. That's the paper anniversary, but GayRVA is a Web site, so we didn't know what to get them. But then again, with guys in underwear handing out cupcakes and the Tony Awards airing over the weekend, how could we make them any happier? 

-9 The colorful country music icon and sausage king Jimmy Dean, who lived in Chaffin's Bluff, just outside Richmond, dies at 81. Heaven's harps just started playing with a little more twang.

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