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-3Sports fans, news trucks and people holding signs, stay tuned for the sentencing of Michael Vick, who gets 23 months in prison. Meanwhile, a memoir by one of the victims, "The Many Bites of Li'l Brisco," will be out by New Year's.

-2William and Mary banishes a drawing of two feathers from its Tribe logo, acquiescing to an NCAA ruling that the feathers could be "hostile and abusive" to American Indians. And that's not to mention how it affects people with pteronophobia.

+5After a three-week search, police capture escapee Alonzo Erwin Logan a block from his mother's home on Salem Street in Montrose Heights, hiding in an attic. So for all you kids out there -- when your parents tell you that noise was just the house settling, don't believe them!

0Republican strategist Will Payne gets tongues wagging when he joins Democrat Mark Warner's bid for the U.S. Senate, the T-D reports. But wait! There's no scandal! He thought he was signing up for John Warner's retirement party planning committee.

-1A T-D review shows that this year's candidates for the General Assembly set a record by spending more than $64 million on their election campaigns. That's $53 million for phone calls at dinner, $11 million for ham biscuits and $23.50 for a lap dance from a girl named Sheena. S

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