The Score

A weekly rating of the zeitgeist


+5Thousands of partygoers head to Colonial Downs for the 75th Strawberry Hill Races. Everyone's happy but the horses, which are yet again forced to watch others enjoying keg stands and Jell-O shots while little men sit on their backs, yelling at them to run faster.

-3Dr. Scott Greenfield, medical director of Midlothian's Patient First Medical Center, tells that this is one of the worst spring allergy seasons in a decade. On the other hand, he gets to buy a new yacht in time for summer.

0The law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has picked someone outside the family as its president for the first time with Douglas A. Barry, the T-D reports. Sweeping the playgrounds is the new game: Allen … Allen … Allen … Barry!

0And our city business boosters are off, riding the annual Chamber of Commerce's out-of-town tour to get development inspiration from the folks of Oklahoma City. Potential ideas include a citywide denim initiative, naming the airport after a cowboy and a new musical comedy called "Richmond!"

+3The Richmond Ballet shines in New York City, performing "Carmina Burana" at the Joyce Theater. New York theater-goers agree: Richmond looks good in tights.

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