The Score


+4 Tax Day brings out thousands of Richmond-area residents for a tea-party protest rally at Kanawha Plaza on high taxes and government spending. The biggest disappointment: Finding out the “Unlimited Sam Adams” was a re-enactor. 

-1 Maegan Elizabeth Phillips, Virginia's entrant in the Miss USA Pageant, is trounced by her fellow title holder from the south, Miss North Carolina. At first we were crushed, but we've recently learned her platform is ridding the world of OBX stickers. 

-3 A Richmond Sheriff's Office deputy is arrested on charges of animal cruelty, stemming from an alleged dog-fighting ring. Authorities were supposedly tipped off by a Pomeranian under deep cover. Her true identity was nearly blown at least twice because she just seemed way too fluffy and could never really go in for the kill. 

0 The three Democratic candidates for governor debate, criticizing Republican candidate Bob McDonnell, but mostly attacking each other's campaign fundraising. You know, the stuff voters really care about. 

+3 Tracy Kennedy, a freshman journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University, attracts lots of attention — and riles up some state delegates — with a video report on their off-task Web-surfing habits during the General Assembly. To be fair, you could sum up their accomplishments in 140 characters. Hey-O! A Twitter zing! Yes! #RVA #TwitterNerds #.

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