The Score


+8Reports estimate that 175,000 people join the fun at the riverfront for the third National Folk Festival in Richmond -- setting an attendance record for the 69-year-old event. Take that, Butte, Mont.!

+5A potentially grisly mystery ends when the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner announces that the brains-in-a-bag found at a construction site at Stony Point belong to an animal, not a human. Officials have still not ruled out the threat of zombies.

-4The city evacuates residents of a local apartment complex, condemning the building after finding eight inches of sewage flooding the basement. As for that TV I was storing down there, you go ahead and keep it.

-1Chesterfield County implements fines for residents who break mandatory water restrictions. Board of Supervisors Chairman Kelly Miller adds an amendment requiring illegal aliens to pay in pesos, and then start talking English.

-1Lakeside residents Jimmy and Alicia Fox ask for a jury trial in their appeal of a misdemeanor ruling against them that the bathtub planter in their yard violates zoning restrictions. This proves that not only do Henrico County officials want to waste time with frivolous charges, but they also have no sense of how adorable a bathtub in the yard is.

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