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Hanover Avenue continues its Fan domination of Halloween trick-or-treating. But it's getting harder to compete against the deep pockets of West Avenue, which flies in its chocolate from Switzerland.


An unknown white male draws condemnation on the University of Richmond campus after he's spotted wearing blackface (see "Sources Say"). We were wondering whatever happened to Michael Richards.


Mike Paul, a national expert in reputation management, shares tips at a luncheon of the Richmond chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Tip No. 1: If you're a white male, do not wear blackface.


There's too much poultry litter in Page and Rockingham counties, so Virginia starts a $600,000 state program to spread the manure to farms in other counties. Which updates the old classic: "Why did the chicken poop cross the road?"


A strange mix of performers converges on Richmond, including poet Maya Angelou, hard-core rockers Avail and country singer Ricky Skaggs. And when they all met at the intersection, it started raining frogs.

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