The Score


+6 Some 15,000 people attend the weekend Dominion Riverrock festival on and around Brown's Island, highlighted by athletic contests, a performance by Rusted Root and an Ultimate Air Dogs show. The only trouble finding enough bacon-flavored Frisbees as specified in the dogs' performance rider. 

-3 CBS 6 shows animal-control officers donning hazmat suits to protect against the sickening stench of more than 50 cats and a few dogs found living in a Chesterfield County house. Plus the dogs were like totally making hummus. 

+1 William and Mary gets word that it has made the Guinness Book of World Records for its record-setting 242 people dancing to Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” Harvard stews, having only 174 people turn out for the “Macarena.” 

0 Middle-school kids who sent each other naked pics of themselves via cell phone are off the hook for child porn charges, the T-D reports, after the Henrico commonwealth's attorney decides against prosecution. The First Amendment is seen ducking into the corner of a dark bar and ordering a double. 

+5 Graduation season sends young optimists from University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia State University out into the world. Not unlike baby sea turtles, many of the graduates will be devoured by hungry sea gulls, while others, deprived of readily available sexual encounters and drinking opportunities, retreat to the relative safety of graduate school. The rest will make it to a cold and lonely ocean. Good luck.

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