The Score


+8 Tens of thousands of Richmonders turn out at Dogwood Dell and other venues to celebrate Independence Day. Meanwhile at The Diamond, celebrants are treated to the spectacle at the Greyhound station: the 9:48 to Savannah running over a small boy's dreams for a better America. 

-2 Speaking of the Fourth, at one rooftop party in Manchester enjoyed by peaceful revelers, police stop by to confiscate sparklers. Apparently CAPS officials really can smell fun from a mile away. 

+3 Richmond holds a candlelight service at Festival Park to remember the late Michael Jackson. The park's a completely appropriate setting: cute in its youth, popular in its heyday, and now a good place to do drugs and get molested amidst a venue in need of a facelift. 

0 Richmond gets a new No. 2 in Byron C. Marshall, who's moving here from Austin, Texas, to serve as chief administrative officer to Mayor Dwight Jones. Didn't we get our fill of cowboys with Wilder, his boots and that denim suit? 

-4 Because of budget problems, the Virginia Department of Transportation announces it must close 18 rest stops across the state. The Perennial Union of Roadside Shrubs and Small Trees decries the impending closure, staging a march and holding signs that read “Don't Pee on Me!”

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