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-2 NBC-12 reports that police must pull out the pepper spray to break up multiple fights among teens leaving a Saturday night party at Club Rendezvous. Promoters vow to never again book Justin Bieber.

+7 Richmond celebrates Mother's Day with brunches, house tours and garden outings. And a 24-hour ban on all “your mom” jokes. 

0 In an effort to raise money to fix the state's transportation troubles, Gov. Bob McDonnell's administration takes steps toward placing a toll on Interstate 95 between Virginia and North Carolina. He also argues that his plan could further efforts to keep that vinegary kind of barbecue from crossing state lines. 

+4 University of Richmond celebrates its 180th commencement, sending graduates into the harsh reality of the world. Where sometimes you have to open your own caviar, but you forgot to send out the self-sharpening, automatic can opener for repairs, and then you can't figure out how to use the manual one because you confuse it with the platinum-plated beer-bottle opener, and then you have to ask your neighbors to borrow one, but the mother-of-pearl handle on theirs is all slippery, and you have to get a stepladder to reach the linens on the top shelf of the walk-in pantry so you can wipe off the handle and grip it better but by then it's time for a nap, because the gardener woke you up early with his infernal hedge-clipping and the yacht is out of gas.

+6 Hotshot second-baseman Nick Noonan, the youngest player on the Richmond Flying Squirrels, celebrates his 21st birthday. His teammates pick up his tab at a post-game party and tip Nutsy to polish his bat. 


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