The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4Another blow to former School Board Chairman Stephen Johnson: After being caught with pot at Richmond International Airport, he resigns. Remember when posting an explicit ad on an online homosexual dating site seemed like the good ol' days?

-3Still, airport police don't charge Johnson with anything and he continues his trip to California for a school conference. The plane's double feature: "Con Air" and "Up in Smoke."

-1A lack of weekend wind saps some of the fun out of Chesterfield County's annual kite festival, the T-D reports. Too bad Stephen Johnson wasn't there for advice on how to get, you know, aloft.

-2Not only does VCU's basketball team crash and burn in the CAA tournament, its mascot, "Rodney the Ram," gets kicked out of the game after making an obscene gesture to the opposing team's fans. He is swiftly euthanized.

+2As the city's bear-incident investigation unfolds, the euthanized bears' bodies are exhumed from the landfill, cremated and buried at Maymont during a well-attended memorial service. An inconsolable Yogi pledges revenge.

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