The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


0 Richmond celebrates a penny-pinching Christmas and gears up to celebrate a New Year's Eve for which rain is forecast. The perfect ending to a decade that never got its own name, perhaps the final decade of our existence considering the world's supposed to end in 2012. At least we have our health. Well, those of us without swine flu.

-4 President Obama calls into WTOP's “Ask the Governor” radio show to congratulate Gov. Tim Kaine, who says his happiest time as Virginia's governor was when Obama was elected. We suspect that will be topped by the day he leaves office. 

-1 Speaking of Kaine, who suggests in the months before leaving office that the state should raise taxes, he cuts $120,000 from a program that's supposed to help Virginia farmers combat coyotes. Somewhere in the southwestern Virginia, the Road Runner is laughing.

-8 The airport is bogged down with heightened security measures after a terrorist's failed attempt in Detroit to blow up a plane. Which answers another question: Yes, apparently people still fly into Detroit. 

+2 The backlash against the restaurant smoking ban continues, including at Liberty Valance, where the James River News blog reports on a posted sign there that reads: “We still allow smoking. Enter at your own risk.” Of course, at Liberty Valance the “enter at your own risk” part is nothing new.

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