The Score


+4 Church Hill's Robinson Theater reopens as a community center after a few decades shuffling from disco to restaurant to pool hall. “I want to be a Convention Center when I grow up,” the center tells reporters. Residents worry developers will pressure it into becoming a ballpark. 

+3 The city closes New York Fried Chicken, on West Broad Street, after its history of criminal and drug violations, the last straw being when police find a man who's been shot in the leg. Not, as initial reports indicated, the thigh or breast. 

0 The remarkably uncrusty Michael Rao, president of Central Michigan University, is named VCU's new president. But a group of young sleuths with a dog pull off his mask, revealing Eugene Trani underneath. “I'll get you meddling kids,” Trani says. 

-3 We officially smell the end of an era as the state passes a bill banning smoking in bars and restaurants. It will be the last deal of its kind once politicians realize they've lost all their smoke-filled back rooms. 

+2 In a full-page story, the T-D reports on attempts by middle- and high-school students to protect area eggs from breaking, via protective contraptions, after being dropped from Science Museum of Virginia balconies. “We're at a loss,” says one official. “Egg dropping among teens is at epidemic proportions.”

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