The Score


-6 With freshmen on their way into town, Virginia Commonwealth University President Eugene Trani announces he's stepping down from office in 2009 to teach, citing concern with his recent health problems. Fortunately, plans will move forward on the Eugene Trani School for Questionable Ethics. 

-4 Gov. Tim Kaine takes a whack at the teetering state budget, announcing $49 million more in spending cuts for the next three years and promising more to come. Which raises the question: Does the Executive Mansion really need a personal chef? 

-1 As the Times-Dispatch  reports on the results of a Rasmussen poll, neither Virginian rumored to be vice-presidential candidates — Gov. Tim Kaine and Rep. Eric Cantor — would help swing Virginia voters to Obama or McCain. Guess neither has enough vice to be vice president in these swingin' times. 

+3 More politics: Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is selected to give a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. He was the only one left on the list after eliminating outspoken pastors, Client No. 10 and the father of an illegitimate love child. 

+2 During the final stretch of Richmond Braves games, baseball officials donate home plate and the Diamond Duck mascot to the Valentine Richmond History Center. Tragically, the rest of the game is complicated by players running erratically between third and fans unable to coordinate The Wave. 

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