The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-2A pit bull goes crazy in Monroe Park, biting five people, including its owner and a woman sleeping on a bench. Police prepare to lock up the owner, but then realize the violent beast is part of Mayor Wilder's Homeless Removal K-9 unit.

0The Virginia team that competed to get the NASCAR Hall of Fame to locate in the Richmond area — and lost out to Charlotte — tell the Times Dispatch they're not bitter, and will go to the opening. In Richmond, losing is a proud tradition.

+1Powhatan County Supervisors go the inclusive route, deciding to include a dozen aspects of county history instead of just the Confederate stuff during April history month. But the county Web site jams when the kids find the rape and pillaging link under "Slaves and Pocahontas."

-2The General Assembly ends its third budget session in a row without actually coming up with a budget. Can somebody get Williamsburg back on the line?

0After a run-in with Richmond School Board Member Carol Wolf's disabled son at a recent meeting, former assistant city attorney Mike Sarahan announces he won't run for her school board seat. At the next meeting, Paul Goldman shows up in a wheelchair.

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