the score


After incoming City Council members are sworn in, they re-elect Rudy McCollum as mayor and elect Delores McQuinn as vice mayor. Exhausted from all that work, they call it a day.

score: +2

Sears, the final anchor tenant of the troubled Cloverleaf Mall, announces that it is leaving. Now mall owners won't even have the tools to tear the place down.

score: -3

Allen Price, a boisterous, controversial talk-show host on WRVA's afternoon show, is taken off the air. This is a crippling blow to the earplug industry.

score: -1

The Sons of Confederate Veterans protest Lincoln's statue going up near the Tredegar Ironworks. Well after all, isn't it about time the city starts recognizing Confederate heroes with some monuments?

score: -3

this week's score: -1

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