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-4Councilwoman calls chief administrative officer a "criminal." Mayor blasts councilwoman and defends CAO, using analogy about guns and shooting. Councilwoman retracts statement, apologizing. Mayor issues statement of regret for gun comments. This is exactly why Virginia needs a two-week waiting period on gun analogies.

-5The Virginia Senate alters a House proposal to make it a felony for an adult to French-kiss a child, saying that's too harsh and instead making the act a Class 1 misdemeanor. 'Cause, it could happen to any of us, you know? You trip on a rock and your tongue ends up in a 10-year-old's mouth. Virginia senators think of everything.

-2VCU Rams lose at the hands of William & Mary, who go on to face George Mason University in the Colonial Athletic Association basketball tournament. To celebrate, W&M students bring their giant No. 1 foam fingers, which they use in the off-season to turn pages of Chaucer.

-3The Times-Dispatch reports that City Hall's top execs -- even Harry Black — have received pay raises of 13 to 20 percent, while workers lower on the ladder get minimal raises and Mayor Wilder calls for cutbacks. This is the "Waste not, earn more" administration.

-3Instead of finishing its 60-day session, the General Assembly rolls into overtime to resolve big disagreements on the state's $77 billion budget. With spring break approaching, they'd better hurry if they want to make it to Cancun for LobbyPalooza '08!

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