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+6 After Barack Obama wins the presidency, hundreds of young people take to Broad Street for a post-midnight celebration that stays upbeat and under control. It's as we always feared: With Obama in office, youthful rebellion will mean organizing sock-hops, recycling, pies, gabardine and abstinence. 

-2 As of Monday, the city registrar's office was still counting ballots from Election Day. Take your time, kids, it's only the fate of the world out here. 

-8 Henrico-based LandAmerica Financial Group Inc. is bought by Fidelity National Financial, which plans to move the headquarters to Florida, and the ailing Circuit City, after laying off hundreds of workers, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. On the upside, hey, we have stuff to celebrate: Southpark Mall holds a double ribbon cutting this week for its new food court and the new Richmond Times-Dispatch Guest Services in front of J.C. Penney. 

-4 Speaking of the Times-Dispatch, its parent company, Media General, buys But so what? We owned it first, and like, totally got rid of it. So don't act all big like you got something sweet, Media General. Aight? One. 

-1 Drag queen Donnie “Dirtwoman” Corker, the mayoral candidate who never was, says a poll worker made him remove his wig to vote, although the city registrar says if that's true, the poll worker was in the wrong. Unless “wig” is an endorsement for McCain somehow.


Correction: Our print verison erred in listing the company that bought LandAmerica Financial Group Inc. This online version has been corrected.

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