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A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1Richmond's Lamb of God may have lost its Grammy bid for Best Metal Performance, but native Boo Reiners wins with the Klezmatics for the Best Contemporary World Music Album. But then, there's no beating the fury of … "Jews with Horns!"

+4The city says it's finally moving ahead with a plan to build a new, efficient and safer jail to replace the aged, crumbling and overcrowded one containing some 1,500 inmates. One exciting new feature: deputies that don't mistakenly release inmates.

+1Despite its soaring tuition, the University of Richmond says admission applications are up 22 percent. While Audis and Saabs are holding steady, BMWs are surging by 15 percent, and for the first time ever, there's an Aston Martin!

-2A 25-year-old driver on Chippenham Parkway is caught with six pounds of marijuana worth more than $36,000, T-D reports, after a state trooper notices a burned-out license plate light. And a burned-out driver.

-1The college party scene takes a hit, as Randolph-Macon College's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is shut down for alcohol abuse. Now, we expected this sort of behavior from VCU. Even from UR. But not you, Randolph-Macon. All right, hand over your car keys. Come on. S

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