The Score


-5 In sports departures, Alabama hires away Virginia Commonwealth University basketball coach Anthony Grant and the Richmond Renegades hockey team goes out of business. Seems like the only local sport left is the ever-popular Friday Night Fan District Cougar Hunt. 

+6 A record 32,000-plus runners take on the Monument Avenue 10K, while Richmond racers are trounced by two Ethiopians, who win the men's and women's titles. Local runners make themselves feel better by imagining all the races Richmonders are winning in Ethiopia. And that darn Kenya.

-2 Along with Boy George, Hugh Hefner and Barack Obama's cabinet members, Richmonder Eric Cantor, Republican congressman, lands on Boston Phoenix's “100 Unsexiest Men of the Year” list at No. 94. A furious Times-Dispatch editorialist writes that the list is a “left-wing conspiracy” and that Media General board member Diana Cantor “seems happy.” 

0 Speaking of Republicans, Bob McDonnell — the guy who can't keep his party from imploding over Jeff Frederick — kicks off his campaign for governor at the J.R. Tucker High School gym. It's like a pep rally, except for the people falling into comas. Next week: “Eyelids for Bob '09: A Fundraising Sleep-In” (tickets $125). 

+8 After being trapped for hours, a plumber close to being buried is rescued from a 20-foot-trench in South Richmond where he was repairing a sewer line. His first words after his rescue: “Boy, do I have to go to the bathroom!” Everyone laughs, like an '80s movie. 

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