The Score


-5Police Chief Rodney Monroe makes it official: He's offered the job, he takes the job, he's moving to Charlotte, N.C. Let's hope our bat signal is bright enough to be seen from 300 miles away.

0Mayor Wilder announces he's not running for re-election. At this point in his life, he feels he's deserved the right to pick fights and create controversy from the comfort of his home.

+1Gov. Tim Kaine serves as commencement speaker at VCU, telling graduates that the world needs their skills, energy and optimism. And on a personal note, he adds, he'd like their taxes.

-1Sam Moore strip club scandal update, via the T-D: Moore's lawyers argue that the 17-year-old girl he filmed while having sex with her at his Club Velvet residence was married, and therefore her age was not a legal issue. Because once you start filing those joint returns, amateur porn isn't far behind.

+7It's postnuptial bliss time for the newly married (and new U.Va. biz school grad) Richmonder Henry Hager and his bride, Jenna Bush. We love Jenna Bush. We really do. Could we love her more? No, we could not. She is beautiful both inside and out. The end.

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