The Score


-4It's hotter than it's been in some 30 years, according to meteorologists, with the temperature Aug. 8 hitting 104 degrees. Oh, Lord, was it ever hot! Why, do you remember the summer of '56 …

-2In a letter to the mayor and City Council, 26 powerful business leaders across the region call for an end to elected school boards. They also propose that schoolchildren be referred to as "educational employees" and recess be called "recreational retreats."

+6Tens of thousands of people turn out on a hot Sunday afternoon to eat, shop and people-watch at the Carytown Watermelon Festival. Because of the heat wave, the annual event is renamed the "Sun-Dried Watermelon Festival."

+3RVA magazine announces that its "Fist City Fury" music concert Sept. 29 at Toad's Place will include the reuniting of Richmond-born hardcore band Honor Role. Which is nearly as interesting as resurrecting the name Fist City, especially since West End expansion has added a thumb to that fist.

-2Oh, did we mention the heat? Watch out, or it will kill you and all the things you love most, scorch your unborn children, disintegrate your dreams and turn your lawn into ashes. Jim Duncan said so.

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