the score

A weekly ranking of the city zeitgeist


-2 The Times-Dispatch publishes an article called "Coping with a 9/11 birthday," about how hard it is to have fun when you were born on Sept. 11. Poor things. At least it is still easy to have a pity party.

-3 At the Powhatan County Fair, the "Way Out" swing ride falls over, leaving nine people with injuries — none life-threatening. In a less-reported incident, a 4-H judge in the vegetable tent stubs her toe against a really big squash.

-3 Attorney General Jerry Kilgore issues an opinion that it's OK to take concealed handguns into state parks. Well, duh. If you can't hide your gun, how are you going to sneak up on the squirrels?

Total score: -7

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